5 Exercises That Will Shape Your Legs


Do you want some enviable and shape legs? Now that summer is just around the corner and you want to show our best during the sunny days and during the beach days, you have to shape your legs.

We all know that one the powers possessed by the women are his legs.

Men admitted that the mystery of magnetism that women carry it on them, as part of the body, is especially their legs. Why when men are admiring a woman, their eyes slip “evaluating” the woman’s legs?

Now, that you know the weapons, you have only to shape them.

We are offering you the solution to have shape legs. Today we propose a set of 5 exercises that will shape nicely your legs and help you to gain the desired body.

Exercise 1

a) Stand in front of a chair, holding its edge
b) High on your toes as much as possible, reaching the position of standing on tiptoe
c) Lower your heels slightly
d) Relax. Then repeat 20 times.
e) Do the same with ankles apart and toes close
f) At the end, repeat the exercise with ankles close for 20 times.

Exercise 2

a) Lie on your back on the floor
b) Extend your left leg up as you can, don’t bend it. The right one you have to bend it from the knee, as if you pedal. Change the line positions, as if you ride a bicycle
c) Be careful not to lift arms and hips on the floor
d) Repeat this movement 25 times.

Exercise 3

a) Lie flat on one side so that your body is perpendicular to the floor surface
b) Relying upon the right forearm
c) Keep your legs straight with your feet tops perfect stretch
d) Swing your right leg up and down
e) Repeat but pulling toes toward you
f) Go back and repeat with left leg.

Exercise 4

a) Sit down on the your left side
b) Stretch your legs in front, so they are perpendicular to the body
c) Bend your left leg until the calf makes an angle of 90 degrees with your hip
d) Swing your right leg up and down, keeping perfect stretch tops
e) Return then to the right and repeat with left leg.

Exercise 5

a) Sit lying on stomach
b) Lift one leg in the back as much as possible
c) Repeat for each leg separately, 10 times5 Exercises That Will Shape Your Legs

But, remember, it is not enough to make the exercises to have shape legs. If you will continue to be captive to your hunger, the desired results will not appear. If you will not start to eat more equilibrate you will only transform your body without make it more fit and without losing weight.

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